Joan Business: a trial for the FN

The sword of Damocles hung over two years in the National Front. According to Médiapart and AFP, the Paris prosecutor on Thursday confirmed the dismissal correctional the far-right party in the context of “Joan case.” A total of ten natural and legal persons, including two senior leaders Frontists, will be tried for alleged acts of fraud, illegal financing of election campaigns of the misuse of corporate assets or of forgery and uses. Apart from the National Front, are concerned one of the vice presidents of the party, Jean-François Jalkh, and treasurer fronts Wallerand Saint-Just. But as the company Riwal, the micro-party Jeanne, a financial-oriented structure related to the FN.

Will be finally judged several players from the shadows, from the extreme radical right: the director of Riwal Frederic Chatillon; his collaborator Sighild White; the former treasurer of Jeanne Olivier Duguet; his successor Axel Loustau, since FN elected regional councilor in Île-de-France; and the accountant Nicolas hook. Each of them now has ten days to appeal his dismissal in court – a right decision already taken by Wallerand de Saint-Just. Heard by the judges earlier this year, Le Pen had been placed under the assisted witness status, and will in turn not judged.

A “campaign kit” price to pay

The upcoming trial will be that of an ambitious system introduced by the FN, to both standardize the communication of its candidates and finance their campaigns. On several occasions, and in parliamentary elections in 2012, the party would strongly urge candidates to purchase a “campaign kit” produced by the company Riwal, it included a various large quantity of propaganda tools, leaflet to the website, through the poster and postcard. In the last legislative, the price of this kit was 16 650 euros – an amount that justice suspected to be out of proportion to the actual cost of services provided.

To finance this purchase, candidates were offered a loan by the micro-party Jeanne, at the interest rate of 6.5%. The bottom line is, however, the state that was presented the invoice, the reimbursement of campaign expenses. There would be “fraud” referred by magistrates. As for the “illegal financing of election campaigns” criticized Riwal, he would have taken the form of substantial supplier credits granted to FN by the company. For single presidential and legislative campaigns in 2012, Justice estimated 10 million the amount diverted via the Jeanne Riwal system.

reformed accounts

For his part, Le Pen party has repeatedly denounced a plot to harm him in the upcoming elections of 2017. While the investigation was still running, the big party cadres felt the empty folder and ensured s waiting to collapse. As for Le Pen, she has regularly claimed that the system provided was validated repeatedly by the National Commission for accounts and campaigns of political financing (CNCCFP). A fanciful assertion: it is a record of the CNCCFP that led to the opening of an investigation on the “Jeanne system.” Subsequently, the Commission reformed the accounts of most Frontists many candidates, judging some manifestly excessive spending. For the county in 2015, the CNCCFP has cut 1.2 million of 9.5 million refunds claimed by the FN. On its own, the party then represented 55% of total adjustments all parties.

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